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Free Quote - Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance is a GUARANTEED life insurance policy meant to cover funeral expenses. These policies typically have payouts between $5,000 - $25,000 and not usually much higher. Having a final expense insurance policy in place can remove a lot of the burden from your family upon your death. Funeral expenses are rising extremely fast AND policies themselves can be quite affordable. 50 to 85 yrs old? This may be the way to go!

Free Quote - Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection should pay off, pay down, or protect your house when you or a loved one dies. It keeps your family and loved ones in your home, close to your friends, and in your community, so your children need not change schools. Your family will need this community and social support to cope with your death!

Free Quote - Term Life Insurance

Great rates, great coverage!  (Ask me why I recommend term life insurance, even for young people!)  Do not fall for the slick talking agents that are simply offering accident insurance or something similar.   If you are under 50, you may be able to   get GREAT coverage for 15, 20 or even   30 years...


As local Oklahoma FIELD UNDERWRITERS, we are NOT captive salespeople and are able to get the ABSOLUTE best rates for YOU from across the industry - scanning dozens of providers!  Also, when we meet, I have TWO free gifts for you (while supplies last): 

1. End of life planner

2. Amazon Gift Card  


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